Bike Trainers

Are you a bike lover? If you are, but you live in a big city, then all you can do is ride along cars and in some park areas that allow bikers. But you cannot be satisfied with that, can you? So there are some options that you can profit from: indoor riding; but this time, a real bike, not the medicinal type. If you’ve never heard of such a thing and wonder how you’d go round and round your living room couch without breaking anything, then listen up. There have been invented fixed bike plinths that can accommodate your bike and permits you to ride it for hours without moving an inch. These are called indoor bike trainers (not that you couldn’t use them outdoors too, in your garden for example, if you’d like). The other type of indoor bikes are the bike rollers, the difference being that with these you need to keep your balance since the bike is not fixed on the rollers.

The first type of bike trainers also has three different types of their own: the fluid bike trainers, the magnetic cycling trainers and the wind bicycle trainers. The difference between them is in the level of noise, the closeness to the real thing and, of course, the price. The wind bicycle trainers are the cheapest and make the most noise of all. They are not very welcomed in an apartment, especially with sensitive neighbors. This is, however, the best choice for a beginner. The magnetic cycling trainer is in the medium class of the bicycle trainers from all points of view. It has become less unpredictable and more durable so it might be a good choice if you don’t want to invest too much money in it. The fluid bike trainers remain the best choice, as all the reviews show, since they are silent and mimic very well the real sensations. Even with a high price more and more riders prefer it, especially since the leakage problem has been solved.

The other type of bike trainers is preferred by cyclists that use it not to replace the riding trips, but to prepare their body for them. Because it is much more difficult to keep your balance on a bike roller, they say it improves your capacity to control your bike and trains you better for the road.

Any preference you’d have, make sure to look for the best in this business. Our recommendation would be Cycleops and Kurt Kinetic, as some of the best reviewed on the market.