If you’ve ever bought a fitness magazine, you must have seen at least one picture with dumbbells and a muscular male. This fitness equipment is known for a very long time and used widely around the world to build and maintain body mass. The reason it is so popular may be the fact

that it is very small and can be very easily stored. You don’t need a special place to exercise with dumbbells and you can also adjust the weight to your preference.

If you were asking yourself what is the best choice you could make, dumbbells or machines, then you must decide what you look for in your exercise routine. The machines you can exercise with in a gym are well suited for a person that likes to do the same, routine moves every day. The good ones will provide enough programs to keep you entertain and pleased for a while. The only thing that some people reproach them is that they work only the big muscle groups and neglect the smaller ones. This is exactly what you control very well when you are considering dumbbells. The person who is exercising using dumbbells is always in control of the movement and the muscles that are being trained. You can vary the groups of muscles every day and it is said you’ll develop a more harmonious body.

Another advantage of the dumbbells is that you can exercise in your garden, in the park (if you don’t mind curious looks) or anywhere in nature. This can’t be true with most of professional fitness equipment, as it is too heavy and requires too many conditions to be respected in order to be installed. Because the search for a reliable and good quality product is usually a time consuming one, we’ve done it for you. You’ll find here all types of dumbbells you would need and some very useful instructions books to read and prepare. Keep in mind that with dumbbells you can make wrong moves and even injure yourself. Especially if you are alone, some postures are a little tricky. When you are in a gym, the fitness instructor is the one showing you what to do, but when it is just you and your new equipment, you only have two options. Watch a video of the specific moves, then look in the mirror, and try to correct yourself, or go and pay for one fitness session and learn the basics.