Exercise Balls

Are you bored of all that metallic, hard, fitness equipment? If you like to try something different, at home or in the gym, the exercise ball can be an interesting choice. How would a giant plastic ball help you stay fit, you wander? First of all, the exercise ball was first used with a therapeutic purpose and for medical recovery, so it must be good at something. But how did this become the number one attraction in so many fitness programs and why do fitness trainers recommend it so often?

The answer is that the exercises that can be done with this object demand a great balance capacity and, because the stabilityis precarious, more muscles are needed in order to reestablish it. This is why people consider that the abdominal and back muscles are the central focus of the workout.

The exercise ball can also be used very well at home, as a fitness workout tool, but many found another purpose for it all together. There is a very popular trend in using the exercise ball as a chair. Many of us spend a lot of time behind their desk, working on the computer, so the sitting position in a more or less fix position can lead to back pain and the spine can be affected. By sitting on the exercise ball instead of a normal chair, the position of the body needs to be adjusted permanently in order to maintain the balance; therefor the back muscles are working the entire time. A strong back leads to a healthy spine, since well-developed muscles can better maintain a correct posture. Another benefit of the ball-chair is the fact that a person cannot stay without moving on an unbalanced object, so you’ll need to readjust your position and move your entire body from time to time. You might even be tempted to make some light exercises on the ball, since you’re already on it.

People who used it say that, just by sitting on the ball all day while working on their computer, they consumed calories and lost weight. The effect might not be as great as in normal exercise sessions, but consuming calories instead of transforming them into fat is really a great achievement. Also, the reduction of back pain helped a lot of people resolve one of our century’s biggest maladies: vertebral weakness and lesions as direct cause of a sedentary life.