Everybody wants to be fit and healthy, so physical exercise, along with a proper diet, is becoming one of the biggest trends of our society. The benefits of fitness and cardio to your life, from health to emotional balance are so well known that even companies offer their employees

the chance to exercise with cheap subscription to top gyms and group trips to the mountain or seaside. What if you don’t have the time to honor such a subscription, you don’t like working out before so many people or you’re just not a social person? There is a perfect solution for you: take the gym home. This does not mean to buy all those expensive machines that you saw in the professional environment. In fact, you can get the maximum from the exercise done with just one piece of equipment: the treadmill. How can this help you achieve the body weight you want, train your muscles and also make you feel better? Well, think of a walk in the park. Or maybe a slow run? Jogging is one of the most loved sports around the world. You could ask yourself why that is. The main reason must be the fact that, while you walk faster or run lightly you’re making very natural movements and your body does not strain to do them. But if you’re overweight or you have sensible joints, don’t worry, the treadmills are designed so most of your weight will be sustained and cushioned by the belt.

There are two different treadmills on the market that you can benefit from: manual treadmills, which imply that the user pushes the belt in order to move and the electric ones that move in a certain rhythm. Another thing worthy of taking into account when buying a treadmill is the space you are willing to give up in its favor. So, if you just have a little space and you may need it now and then, the best thing to do will be to get a folding treadmill. This way it won’t take much of your space and you’ll still get the exercise you need. Also, don’t forget to protect the carpet or any other sensible floor material you have, by acquiring a special mat.

Your workouts would be just about perfect if you could also work on the computer while you’re exercising, wouldn’t they? Well, now you can. The manufacturers thought of incorporating a treadmill desk, so you can walk while reading your emails or the online news.

Deciding on the best product on the market is rather difficult. You are in luck because many customers have written reviews on different sites and you can compare the most reliable manufacturers out there. We have already done that for you here, so our chosen brands are:

Proform, Nordic Track and Weslo.